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търговска марка е Лек

We as “e Lek” started our main activities in 2012. They were mainly connected with herbs – Processing and application in benefit for the human health and the healthy way of life. The achieved results led to the broadening of our products range with various products.

In time, we built a working process, which guaranteed us a superb product quality and the finalisation of every project we participate. We are flexible and could change our ways to meet the wishes and specifications of our clients!


We are very proud to say that we have made the “e Lek” brand very well known. At the company’s store you can find a great variety of products that could be your best choice.

Our team of specialists is here to help you with all your questions, inquiries and/ or additional information you may need.



We keep it simple – we treat our clients how we want to be treated!

Our main policy is focused on the quality of service and the offered products and services, honesty to customers and partners with satisfaction of their needs.

Every day, we strengthen the focus on the “e Lek” brand and its authentic products to ensure our customers a complete and healthy recovery. The determining factor in our activity is the understanding of the perfection of Nature and its beneficial effects on the health and beauty of the human body. In just a few years since we start the business, the company has become a sought-after producer in a new sector for Bulgaria – the production of bio-certified products for healing purposes.

Our main priorities:

  • Strict adherence to the natural origin of the ingredients;
  • Keeping the recipes unique;
  • Presentation and distribution of quality balms and cosmetics, made purely from natural ingredients;
  • Raising our customers’ awareness of modern understanding of a healthy lifestyle;
  • Our products do not contain petrol products, preservatives or animal- derived ingredients;
  • No animals were hurt or tested on in the process of development. We do not endorse animal testing.

The ointments we have created- creams, balms, masks and balsams have a healthy effect and guarantee a complex care for the skin, body, face, hair and nails. These unique products are made from plants and oils which contain healing properties and are made by time- tested recipes in medical practice.


Your choice is of high importance to us therefore we try and offer a wide variety of products from which you are able to choose the one you really need.





Since from the very beginning, eLek is clearly aware that without the necessary socially responsible attitude to people’s problems, we would not have reached this day. With the growth of our market presence, also is growing our commitment to society. As a company that has direct contact with clients who have had health problems, we feel obliged to show that we value all the people we work with – our customers, partners and employees. Constant communication and customer reviews is what we count on, in order to catch the beating heart of the modern day and to be part of it in every way possible.

We take an active part in any initiative that we could promote the desire and effort of our clients for a healthy lifestyle.

е Лек рециклиране


In recent years, there has been a trend towards growing awareness of industrial products. The chemicals we put in them seriously harm us in every way. Driven by this understanding, we turned to Nature and its inexhaustible sources. The skin is our envelope that keeps us from the aggressive external influences, it is a shield for us. We must treat it with respect! All kinds of masks and ointments, crammed with chemistry and aggression, clog, dry and wrinkle.

   The question arises in the forefront of what you want?

           Is not it time to take care of yourself?

Our products are made from plants, natural and essential oils, which have healing properties. Herbs are not treated with toxic substances and are not subjected to heat treatment when dried, delivered and stored.

The technological regime used in the production of our products is in line with the latest requirements of the European Union, ensuring the cleanliness of ointments and creams containing no heavy metals, pesticides, parabens, preservatives.

The appropriate packaging provides long lasting storage of ointments, they bring rich information about their quality and are equipped with a convenient way to open them.

The technological pattern used to create our products is pursuant with all the latest rules and regulation from the European Union, assuring the cleanness of the balms and creams, which do not contain heavy metals, pesticides, parabens, preservatives.

The appropriate packaging provide a long-lasting balms and creams storage, carry brief information about their quality and are user- friendly containers.












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