Essential Oils

Essential Oils

essential oils, етерични масла





Essential oils are multi-constituent, volatile, lipophilic, low-molecular organic compounds that act as hormones in plants.

Plant extraction of essential oils consists of biogenic substances that are responsible for the processes of regeneration, proliferation, heat regulation, bacterial and viral protection, lifespan and preservation of purity, as well as anticoagulants, neurotransmitters, cytokines, enzymes. The very form of these substances provides a rapid rate of biochemical processes and phenomenal cytoprotective and cytotropic action.

Imported essential oils in products help improve skin’s biological functions, stimulate blood circulation and metabolism, act anti-inflammatory, slow down skin aging, help build a leather belt and fibrinogen, and build healthy new cells. They bind free radicals in cells, improve their protective barrier and delay aging by providing additional:

► softening, regenerating, enhancing skin elasticity and antiseptic action

► stimulation of metabolic processes in the tissues, improvement of blood circulation and immunity

► lymphatic drainage efficiency, normalization of peripheral vascular tone

►bioactive resonance, after which the absorbed oils are active hours after the procedure

► and, most importantly, balancing the processes in the body: physiological and emotional.