Herbs and oils



Herbs, also called medicinal plants, healing herbs, cover a large group of plants that are used in medical and veterinary medicine for the prevention and treatment of diseases.

Although in small quantities, herbs contain drug-active substances that favor the impact of the human body. Along with these, they also contain companion substances that can enhance the effect of the curative substance or have a detrimental effect. Many herbs have not yet been studied and the interaction of the substances contained in them is not known. After serious modern research, however, they have proven the healing properties of many ancient herbs. The active substances are most contained in the leaves and the colors of the plants. Continue

Apitherapy is called treatment through bee products. They are not only a delicious food and a sweetening supplement to tea, but also a natural remedy. Apitherapy uses even bees and everything that bees do. Continue

The regular use of natural vegetable oil products preserves the natural water-fat balance of the skin that is necessary for her healthy heart. Natural vegetable oils are best absorbed only when combined in creams, balms and lotions. It should be known that all the ingredients of the oil are absorbed by the skin as it is fat-not water-impermeable. Oils are a natural source of both vitamins, especially important for maintaining good vision and good skin health – vitamins F and E. They are also a natural method of skin repair during and after sunbathing. Continue

Измежду натуралните масла, конопеното е това, което заема главно място. Изключителните концентрации на есенциални мастни киселини в конопеното олио са това, което го прави наистина специално. В действителност конопеното студенопресовано масло може да осигури всички онези нужди на човешкото тяло, които то не може само да произведе. Ролята на есенциалните мастни киселини за нашето здраве е огромна и не е за подценяване. Прочети още

Essential oils are multi-constituent, volatile, lipophilic, low-molecular organic compounds that act as hormones in plants.

Plant extraction of essential oils consists of biogenic substances that are responsible for the processes of regeneration, proliferation, heat regulation, bacterial and viral protection, lifespan and preservation of purity, as well as anticoagulants, neurotransmitters, cytokines, enzymes. The very form of these substances provides a rapid rate of biochemical processes and phenomenal cytoprotective and cytotropic action. Continue


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