Organic Cosmetics

Organic Cosmetics

organic cosmetics






We offer more than 30 products. They are natural cosmetics with bio-certified and organic ingredients – natural oils, herbs, resins, beeswax.

Organic cosmetics are different from ordinary cosmetics because of the ingredients. They are grown without artificial fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides. or are wild-growing, harvested in environmentally friendly areas. Bio cosmetics do not contain ingredients of animal origin or genetically modified organisms.

Compositions are not heat-treated as in conventional cooking. Using the cold technologies allows the valuable properties of the components to be preserved. Ionizing radiation is not used in the treatment. Synthetic and synthetic substances, products from the petroleum industry, which may damage the skin’s barrier and damage the structure of the stratum corneum, are not used. Our products also contain no artificial preservatives that whıch could damage the skin cells. The role of preservatives is made of essential oils, resins, waxes.

In our products we use exclusively natural, organic ingredients, we use essential oils, waxes and resins instead of artificially created preservatives, vaseline and lanolin and etc.. For each ingredient incorporated in the final product, we receive a certificate certifying its biological origin. The incorporation of such ingredients into cosmetics makes the final product BIO PRODUCT. Regular laboratory tests and analyzes are performed separately.